Personal Responsibility

What has happened to it? It has now been put on the broad shoulders of the South Dakota Legislature. The latest hot “catch phrase” being bandied about in the blogosphere is how we are becoming a so-called “Nanny State”. Why has that term become so popular? Just take a look at some of the bills that have been debated or will be debated this session.

HB1134 – Parents cannot be trusted to safely transport their children in their cars
HB1189 – Second attempt to tell us we can’t be trusted with the safety of our children
HB1293 – Women can’t be trusted to decide what to do with their bodies
HB1296 – Requiring that women be asked if they wanted to see a sonogram of their fetus before having an abortion (See HB 1293)
SB70 – Regulating massage therapists
SB157 – Bill that would force many small districts to consolidate.
SB171 – Requirement to have abortion clinics post certain legal notices in their lobbies and to make doctors tell patients about these signs.
SB172 – require that a certain statement of law be read by the attending
physician to any pregnant woman prior to performing an abortion.
SB196 – Telling business owners what they can allow their customers to do or not do (smoking).
SB208 – Placing restrictions on the use of tanning beds by minors.

Thank goodness they aren’t wasting as much of their time on unimportant issues like heath care and education as we would surely be lost without the above issues getting addressed! How about a bill telling me what time I have to be in bed by as it seems I can’t be trusted to figure that out on my own.

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