Minimum Wage

In other Legislative news, issues other than abortion actually got discussed as the Senate passed Governor Rounds’ minimum wage bill yesterday 29-6. The bill would raise the minimum wage paid to, by some estimates, up to 20,000 South Dakotan’s to $7.25 by July 2009.

Of course the all too common hypocrisy, as seems to be the rule in Pierre, was expressed by some detractors of this bill.

Sen. Kenneth McNenny, R-Sturgis, said the state could wait for the federal government to act. A bill in Congress mirrors the measure the Senate passed.

“I really think we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves if we’re going to jump out and set a minimum wage ahead of the federal,” McNenny said.

When it comes to helping living South Dakotan’s earn a decent wage we are being told that we should wait for the Federal Government to act but when it comes to other issues that I am sure we can all think of, it is the duty of our state government to get the ball rolling.

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