Did anyone catch the 60 minutes interview last night with Barack Obama? I have very little knowledge about his ability to lead our country this early on nor am I saying that he should be considered a viable candidate so soon into the 2008 election cycle but what I found refreshing and to be honest quite impressive was his out-right candor.

Remember Bill Clinton’s “I experimented but didn’t inhale” quotes? Obama came right out and admitted his drug use as a young adult chalking it up to a rebellious childhood. Colorful language? Just read his first book, according to Steve Kroft from 60 minutes, FCC fines would be awaiting him and 60 minutes if he quoted some of the passages from that book.

Do colorful language and prior experimentation with drugs make him a qualified Presidential Candidate? Of course not, but for once it is refreshing to see a politician admit he is human and not try to spin his life as something it wasn’t. I am sure the next couple of years will help provide voters with information they need to decide whether or not they would support him but at least to this point he gets high grades on my honesty scale.

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