Legislative Morality At Work

South Dakota legislators are again hard at work this session trying to dictate to us what we should do. This morning at 10am the House State Affairs committee begins the process of getting this year’s version of the abortion ban going. Only a few month’s after voters turned down their last attempt, they have added the exceptions that they tried to get us to believe were in the last bill including heath of the mother and rape and incest exceptions.

Last Friday, the Health and Human Services Committee passed SB187 which sought to require that hospitals give out information about emergency contraception options to rape victims. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well it would have been if they hadn’t changed the bill so that medical professionals that oppose this on religious or moral grounds would not have to follow this requirement. Now call me stupid but what would this bill now accomplish? Those believing that rape victims should get this information are already passing it along even without being legally required to do so while those that this bill was written for in the first place would still not be required to do so. Heh, let’s waste some more time why don’t we.

What I find funny is in an article in the Argus reporting on this there is a quote from Avera Health and Concerned Women for America, 2 groups opposed to requiring health care workers being bound to giving out this information.

medical personnel should not be forced to provide information that might not be factual to all groups or that could be seen as catering to certain views.

Now correct me if I’m wrong here but aren’t these 2 groups guilty of exactly what they are using as their reason for opposing this bill? So it’s ok to not give out information that is against their views but it is ok to withhold it for the same reason? Hypocrisy, you gotta love it.

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