Here We Go Again?

KELO has a couple of stories regarding the possibilities of a watered down abortion ban again rearing it’s ugly head again sometime in the next few years. What is interesting is the mention by the state director of South Dakota Right to Life, Senator Brock Greenfield, that any future bill might need to contain rape and incest exceptions.

Republican state Senator Brock Greenfield of Clark says failure to get South Dakota voters to ratify last year’s ban, which contained no exceptions for rape or incest victims, means abortion opponents need to look at political reality. He says exceptions likely will be included when the time is right to bring back anti-abortion legislation.

Now maybe I was hearing things last year when we were going through the media blitz by the pro-lifer’s, but didn’t they swear up and down that that bill did contain those exceptions?

One possible saving grace for those of us that think our legislators need to be focusing on other issues this year is the fact that at least for this session, the possibility of us having to go through another round of abortion ban talk is slim as the makeup of the Senate State Affairs Committee makes getting any similar legislation through to the Senate floor unlikely.

Six of its nine members voted against last year’s abortion bill when it got to the floor of the state Senate.

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