Totally Ridiculous

More conservative wingnuts drooling over Tim Johnson’s condition including his bouts in and out of consciousness and this time they are drawing a parallel to Terry Shiavo.

I can’t help but notice that Johnson’s minor interaction with the world is enough to keep him in the Senate, but such wasn’t enough to keep Terry Schiavo alive.

So now they think that the situation with our esteemed Senator whom is in a drug induced coma due to his life saving brain surgery is somehow related to a completely brain dead woman and are openly wondering why he should be allowed to retain his seat. And liberals are heartless?

I for one am wondering how all these folks would feel if their employers let them go after undergoing major surgery even before any long term prognosis on their ability to perform their job had been determined. But then again common sense and compassion are traits that aren’t necessarily things that are used when it comes to politics.

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