Weekend Chaff

Blogging here over the weekend was pretty light as I spent my time working on a couple of new sites but the news didn’t stop happening.

It looks like former South Dakota Senator Tom Daschle’s exploration into running for President has ended with a whimper as he has decided not to run. Daschle joins another prominent Democrat, John Kerry whom has also decided that a run at the White House is not in the cards. Not that Daschle or Kerry stood much of a chance but their announcements leave only Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack active in the very early stages for the Democratic nominee.

Former Rapid City Journal reporter and Mt. Blogmore contributor Denise Ross has joined the blogosphere with her blog titled Hog House Blog which is in reference to the term used in South Dakota politics to describe what happens to orphaned legislation.

Finally a small but ominous milestone for this site. My regular readers may be far and few between but the spammers are here in force as over the weekend I reached 3000 spam comments caught by Akismet, the Worpress spam plugin I use. So if anyone wants to know where to go to buy Viagra or for some reason needs information on the latest porn, just ask as I am sure there will be a comment related to those and many other topics in my morning spam parsing routine.

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