Carrying on with the airport security theme that is somewhat near and dear to me, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is getting ready to be the test bed for the newest in security equipment and it might be a bit unsettling for the modest among us.
backscatterThe new backscatter technology is similar to the x-ray technology already used in all airports across the country but with a twist. Passengers will pass through the machine just like they do now with the metal detectors and the unit will x-ray the body looking for weapons and explosives.
For the exceptionally modest, the TSA has had the software modified so that the "sensitive" areas of the body will be blurred out and the viewing station will be placed in a remote location so that only a security officer will be able to view the image.
What makes this unit more advanced than what is currently installed is that it can also test for and detect plastic and liquid explosives that have been in the news a lot lately. The unit which is already being used in prisons and by drug enforcement agencies is schedule to be expanded to more airports in 2007 but if you are wondering about when it could make its debut in Sioux Falls, I wouldn’t hold your breathe waiting for it to happen anytime soon.

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