Worth The Wait?

The supposed reason why our legislators failed to provide long term funding for our schools was that they were waiting for the report, 18 months in the making, from the State Aid Study Task Force. Well the wait is over and the 70 page report is now finished. What does this “magic report” that we have all been waiting for contain? The self described “toolkit for legislators” contains pretty much a whole lot of nothing.

  • Is there any recommendations for changing the aid formula? No.
  • Is there anything to help address appropriate use of existing funds? No.
  • Is there any enhancement ideas to make the way we currently dole out state aid more equitable? No.

So now we are back to square one and the highly anticipated report that our legislators were using as an excuse for not addressing school funding is finished. What will our fearless leaders use as an their reason for not addressing funding this January? Dan Sutton? Abortion? I could go on and on but don’t you think that a long term funding plan should come out of this upcoming session?

If it doesn’t, I sure hope that everyone in South Dakota takes their legislators to task. No more excuses…

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