Sour Grapes

I saw Mike Rounds on the news last night whining about Initiated Measure 5 which passed on November 7th. The measure requires that state aircraft be used only for state business.

Immediately after the passage, Rounds stated that he would just stop using the state planes and rent one on his own and have the state reimburse him, stating that it would end up costing taxpayers more.

Now he is using the scare tactic that it not only involves state aircraft but all state owned vehicles which could cause undue hardship on state employees and subject them to the same civil penalties under this new law.

Prefacing this with the fact that I am not a lawyer, it does though seem funny that this concern was never raised during campaign season nor did the ballot explanation from Larry Long express this newest concern. Current state law already had provisions preventing state employees from using state vehicles for personal business, with the notable exception of the governor, and this new law does nothing to change this provision.

Along these lines, Rounds’ favorite newspaper is also calling him out on the lastest rant calling it “a petty way of striking back at voters who approved the law – at the expense of state employees“.

Adding my 2 cents to the Argus beat down, I believe Rounds is just unhappy that he now has to follow the same rules that all other state employees have had to follow for years and if he doesn’t think that separating state business from personal business when traveling is something he can do than maybe he is in the wrong job.

Please just stop whining and get on with the job South Dakotans gave you…

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