Your Tax Dollars At Work

As if you needed more proof that the government shouldn’t be involved in morality based programs.

From a pamphlet distrubted by federally funded abstinence program.

an abstinence program distributed pamphlets that suggested that the HIV virus can pass through condoms because latex is porous.

And from a federally funded pregnancy center.

A report says there were three major topics of misinformation: first, the purported relationship between abortion and breast cancer; second, the purported relationship between abortion and infertility; and third, the purported relationship between abortion and mental illness.

According to the investigators, in one instance, a center compared the post-traumatic stress of an abortion to that seen in soldiers returning from Vietnam and said that it “is something that anyone who’s had an abortion is sure to suffer from.”

It’s not like the people seeking this advice don’t have enough to worry about already, they now have to deal with outright false information, all coming from programs American taxpayers are funding.

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