Must See TV

buckflag As some of you may or not know, I spent my formative years growing up in the heart of Buckeye country in Northern Ohio. Many of my friends attended "The Ohio State University" and I have been a diehard fan from the day I could sit up and see a television.
Tomorrow the Buckeyes face the hated Michigan Wolverines in what many are calling the game of the decade. For the first time in the 102 year history of the rivalry, these 2 undefeated teams meet ranked 1 and 2 with the winner securing their slot in Arizona for the national championship game.
So for anyone that is a college football fan, get that big screen fired up, a six pack of your favorite beverage in the refrigerator, and be prepared for the game of the year and after the Buckeyes whip the Wolverines you can start the debate on whom they will face in the National Championship game.
P.S. I couldn’t overlook the fact that the greatest coach in Michigan history passed away today. Goodbye Bo, you will be missed but now you and your mentor Woody Hayes can watch the game together.

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