To Wait Or Not To Wait

Some seem to think the Democrats are not aware of what they are getting themselves into because of South Dakota Senator Dan Sutton’s decision to resign his current seat and then assume his newly elected seat next January.

And I can’t tell you how much that the Democrats commenting in this matter have no idea how much they DON’T want to deal with it this next session. Why?

Because while the questions in the open session won’t be of the exact nature as the editorial cartoon I drew above – it will be ugly. The discussion will be lurid. The nature of the debate will be scandalous. And this will all be at the same time they’re trying to pass laws.

But, that’s the path that Senator Sutton has set them on. Good luck. You’re going to need it.

And this would be any different than the special session which was already set to be open to the public? This would be any different than last session when they spent way too much time debating issues such as abortion instead of what is should have been discussed?

If Sutton has done something so bad why has Larry Long had this matter on his desk since last winter without bringing any charges?

At worst all I can see coming out of this is Sutton being hit with rules violations which still could lead to his being kicked out of the Senate but his chances are much better in January than they would have been in November and why should his Democratic collegues be unhappy that this will be thrown in their laps? That is part of the job they asked for when they ran for the position in the first place.

Why has Sutton refused to not cave in? Well maybe he feels like he has done nothing wrong and if you go by Larry Long’s lack of action on the matter it would seem he is correct. If infact Sutton has broken the law why are we still waiting almost 10 months later for some criminal action towards Sutton?

It appears Sutton wants his day in the court of public opinion because it looks like he has nothing waiting for him in a court of law and whether it happens now or next session, he is set on it happening.

If South Dakotans want this issue to go away just urge Larry Long to come out and either charge Sutton or clear him. The voters in his district want him to get his day as they felt strongly enough about it to re-elect him even after these allegations came out so don’t blame Sutton for wanting to clear his name as in politics, it’s just about all you have.

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