Posting And New Toys

Sirius StilettoPosting will be light for a few days as I am again on the road in Rapid City but I thought I would do a quick post regarding a new toy I just got.
Many I am sure have heard that Sony has just released their new Playstation 3 though they seem to be having a problem producing them in large enough numbers to meet the demand.
Along those same lines, my job requires me to spend many hours on the road and I had been patiently waiting for Sirius Radio’s new portable system to finally be released as it was also having production problems. The radio called the Stiletto is the company’s first self contained unit that allows you to listen to their offerings from just about anywhere.
To my surprise I noticed yesterday while in Watertown that the radio finally had come out. I plunked down my hard earned cash on the SL100 which includes 2 gigs of storage to allow you to save up to 100 hours of Sirius programming and to upload your own MP3’s and use it as an MP3 player. What’s also cool about the SL100 is that it is Wi-Fi capable which allows you to hook up to the Sirius service via the internet from anywhere there is a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Well for the past 2 days I’ve had some time to play with it and I must say that I am now ready to dump my Ipod. The Wi-fi works like a charm as I was able to hook into the network at the Watertown airport while sitting in my truck out in the parking lot and this morning I converted all my Ipod files to MP3’s and loaded them on the unit and used it all the way to Rapid City today. As soon as I can get the home and car kit this unit makes regular radio a thing of the past.
Truly awesome!

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