Silly Me

I write about the procedures of the special session scheduled for the week after Thanksgiving, hit the road for work and when I get back I find out that there will no longer be one.

Dan Sutton pulled what can be termed a fast one this morning when he resigned from the Senate which made the special session no longer necessary. What was a bit sneaky was the fact that Sutton, who won re-election last week, only resigned from his current term and plans to keep newly won seat for the next session.

What this effectively means is that this issue will be put on hold until the next legislative session starts in January and when it convenes it will include 5 more Democrats than there would have been if it was held during the current lame duck Senate.

PP over at the South Dakota War College thinks this puts his fellow Democrats in a tough position but from Sutton’s point of view I believe this is his best chance at saving his political neck. Depending on what actually happened in that hotel room in Pierre , the 5 seat increase could mean the difference between a censure and expulsion.

One thing can be said of Sutton, he sure knows how to play the game of politics…

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