Long Is On The Case

South Dakota Attorney General Larry Long looks to be just as busy on post election finance irregularities as he was on pre-election ballot explanations. From KELO:

A complaint about an anonymous $750,000 donation to the unsuccessful campaign to ban most abortions in South Dakota is being reviewed by Attorney General Larry Long.

Long is also reviewing a complaint about anonymous donations of $471,000 to the unsuccessful campaign to outlaw video lottery. Long says complaints were filed with his office and with Secretary of State Chris Nelson.

The $750,000 donation in the abortion campaign was made to a private corporation set up by state Representative Roger Hunt of Brandon. Hunt says the donor doesn’t want to be identified because of fear about possible violence.

Nelson insists that state law is clear and the donor must be revealed.

Maybe Long can finish up before the November 27th start of the special legislative session so that they can look into Roger Hunt’s shenanigans after they finish up with the Dan Sutton investigation…

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