Let The Speculation Begin

Even while Mike Rounds begins preparation for his second term in the South Dakota Governors mansion, speculation continues as to what is next for him. During the election Rounds stated several times that he has no plans beyond serving his full term in Pierre and after he won, he stated that he was finished seeking political office. Does anyone believe this?

Apparently others are having a hard time believing this as well. Speculation continues as to what Rounds will do in the not too distant future.

Remember, the public seems to have a built-in acceptance for a politician’s right to change his mind. And legislators and constituents know by now that consistency is not one of Rounds’ strong points.

It’s possible that after Tuesday’s GOP losses, Rounds will be pushed hard to challenge Johnson. That started well before last week’s voting. The national GOP talent hunters have Rounds at the top of their list.

I personally would not be surprised if Rounds does a 180 and decides to run against Tim Johnson in 2008 as right now he is the only Republican with enough name recognition to give the popular Democrat much of a fight. Dave Kranz also mentions other possible Johnson challengers including Steve Kirby who has already lost one run at Governor and cowboy hat wearing newly elected commissioner for School and Public Lands Jarrod Johnson but neither would carry the weight on the Republican ticket as Mike Rounds would.

Speaking of name recognition, Dave Kranz furthers the speculation in his article into La-La Land when he talks about possible challengers for Stephanie Herseth next time around.

This might surprise you, but influential Republicans say they are enamored with Leslee Unruh, leader of the Vote Yes For Life campaign. They consider her knowledgeable and lacking in fear of anyone – qualities that make her ready for the prime time in the political arena and the right person to challenge Herseth.

Surprise me? How about floors me! Does anyone actually think that Leslee Unruh would even get as many votes as Herseth’s latest challenger Bruce Whalen? I can see it now, she loses by 70 points but refuses to admit defeat because she has God on her side so she must have won.

He is right about one thing, when one is mired deeply in their own alternative reality, the lack of fear is not unheard of but in her case is that a good thing?

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