Bill Just Doesn't Get It

The South Dakota Jailer-In-Chief Bill Stegmeier just refuses to face reality after his ill-written, ill-conceived, and just plain ridiculous Amendment E went down in a ball of flames on Tuesday.

He is now commissioning a statewide poll to test just how legitimate the 89-11 percent drubbing his Amendment took in the election actually was.

“It will be the type of polling used when there’s a possibility or suspicion of voter fraud, and evidently this type of polling is going on all over the country,” Stegmeier said.

And guess what? If he see’s any ray of hope from his polling, he promises to be back with similar legislation.

“We’d turn it into a citizens oversight commission, instead of two judges, three lawyers, and other politically connected people appointed by the governor,” Stegmeier said. “That could go a long way in addressing judicial misconduct, but that’s just a possibility under consideration.”

Let’s hope he uses a different polling company than he did during the campaign as their results showed Amendment E passing by a decent majority and then on election day almost 295,000 people voted against it out of over 330,000 votes cast. But then again if you listen to him there must have been voter fraud in each and every district.

It’s called paranoia Bill, just get over it…

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