The Aftermath

Here is the final results from yesterdays election. Some interesting races and what could be called upsets including the current scourge of the GOP, Republican Stan Adelstein winning again even though he wasn’t running as his chosen and funded Democrat, Tom Katus, beat Republican and outspoken abortion ban supporter Elli Schwiesow. Katus’ victory was just one of the victories for Democrats, whom though still aren’t a force in South Dakota politics, are getting closer to becoming one in Pierre as they did manage to win a few they weren’t expected to get.

As I mentioned last night the’s are already starting up with the conspiracy charges.

Does South Dakota ‘s government expect the people to believe that 90% of them approve of the ongoing fraudulent, destructive, unlawful, and unconstitutional judicial opinions? Nonsense!

South Dakota government has a much more effective and sinister way to steal the peoples election than that which they have already used, (by defrauding the people of the true meaning and intent of Amendment E, all done with the illegal use of public funds), and that is to change the tally at public expense, after the individual votes have been cast–either by adding ballots en masse (ballot box “stuffing”), or by reporting a false count.

Ballot stuffing? Sounds like reality is a concept that these folks just haven’t figured out yet!

An the survey says…

US House
100% Reporting
Herseth – 69%
Whalen – 29%
Rudebusch – 2%

100% Reporting
Rounds – 62%
Billion – 36%
Gerber – 1%
Willis – 1%

Referred Law 6 Abortion Ban
100% Reporting
Yes – 44%
No – 56%

Measure 7 Video Lottery
100% Reporting
No – 67%
Yes – 33%

Amendment C Define Marriage
100% Reporting
Yes – 52%
No – 48%

Amendment D Property Tax
100% Reporting
No – 80%
Yes – 20%

Amendment E Judicial Accountability
100% Reporting
No – 89%
Yes – 11%

And here’s some results from several Senate races of interest

District 13
92% Reporting
Heidepriem – 54%
Kelly – 46%

District 30
100% Reporting
Linz – 61%
Ratlif – 39%

District 32
100% Reporting
Katus – 53%
Schwiesow – 47%

District 35
100% Reporting
Napoli – 53%
Spry – 47%

The abortion ban may have been voted down but out of all the Senate Democrats that voted to pass the ban only Michael Kroger, D-Dell Rapids lost last night while Dan Sutton, D-Flandreau, Frank Kloucek, D-Scotland, Julie Bartling, D-Burke, Jim Peterson, D-Revillo, and Gil Koetzle, D-Sioux Falls all won.

Finally, I was sorry to see that friend of the site Catherine Ratliff was unsuccessful in her bid for the District 30 seat but I do want to congratulate her on a great run. And it is also a shame to see that South Dakotans decided that discrimination is ok when they voted to add it to our constitution in the form of the Marriage Amendment.

Will video lottery opponents try for a fifth time next year as they seem to have a hard time getting around that meaning of “no” concept? I am also taking odds on whether we’ll be voting on the abortion ban again as soon as next year as most of the major supporters are still around. But I bet that their next attempt will include rape and incest exceptions. So what are your thoughts? Surprises?

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