Evening Plans And Election Silly Season Wrap Up

As I mentioned in my post this morning I am planning on doing some limited live blogging this evening once the election results start coming in. I am mainly going to concentrate on several of the ballot initiatives and the state wide seats including the Billion-Rounds race and the Herseth-Whalen contest.

The main ballot initiatives I will be focusing on are of course the abortion ban and Amendment C which seeks to place discrimination into our state constitution plus I am also tracking the ridiculous Amendment E and also the property tax rollback, Amendment D. It should be a very interesting evening and overnight as I am sure some of the final results on some of these initiatives won’t become official until late tonight or tomorrow.

In regards to the governors race, Jack Billion has again won the Moderate from South Dakota very unofficial poll 57-36 percent which is in total opposition to the latest so-called official polls that were recently released. Any guess as to the party affiliation of the majority my 2 or 3 readers?

As I am writing this we are still 30 minutes away from the polls closing here East River and an hour and a half from them closing out west. I am predicting a Rounds win, Herseth win, Referred Law 6 being voted down, Amendment C losing, Amendment E losing and Amendment D passing. What are your thoughts?

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