A Slap At The Party

Part of Ron Volesky’s concession speech contained a slap at the South Dakota Democratic Party which when I read it sort of sounded more like sour grapes than anything else.

The difference in the outcome of the campaign was due to the fact that Mr. Long had a Republican Party behind him that was willing to help finance his campaign while I received no financial support from the Democratic Party.

But after I read more on this from Todd Epp over at South Dakota Watch who knows much more about this subject than I ever will, it is sounding like this problem is the norm for the Democratic leadership in our state.

My party, the S.D. Democratic Party, needs to look hard at its leadership and its approach. I’m not sure what else Jack Billion received from the party after my departure, but prior to mid-September, it was a pittance. You can’t win if you don’t fund your candidates and provide meaningful support. I can’t blame Ron for being bitter.

I had some real concerns at least when it came to the Billion campaign as I had asked several times for a yard sign to break up the monotony of all the Rounds signs I have in my neighborhood and each request went unanswered even with a donation forwarded their way. At first I chalked it up to the Billion campaign not being too concerned with my little neck of the woods but as time went by, the stories of the campaign funding crunch became more widespread.

I, like Todd, never felt that Jack was the problem as I met and talked to him early in his campaign and got the feeling that he could do the impossible if he ever got the support needed to run a campaign against Rounds and his money machine. Don’t get me wrong I am still holding out a glimmer of hope that somehow Billion can win, but if he did, it wouldn’t be because of any support from the party.

If Volesky’s run at Attorney General is any indication of how the SDDP runs things, we have nothing more to look forward to than business as usual and that is a shame.

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