4th Time Not A Charm

Though only 24 percent of the precincts have reported so far, it appears likely that the video lottery opponents will fail to get it overturned again. Currently the totals stand at 68 percent in favor of keeping it versus 32 percent wanting to outlaw it.

In an even worse landslide, Amendment E is shooting for the record for the most one sided loss in South Dakota history losing with 90 percent of the voters realizing just how bad of an amendment it actually is.

I wonder what is going through Bonnie Russell and Bill Stegmier’s mind now, maybe another lawsuit because as SD Watch reported earlier today, one of their supporters had a hard time voting.

The sister of an attorney friend of ours went to her Sioux Fall polling place only to be told she already voted. Fortunately, she was allowed to vote after much hassle but then election officials said ‘well your brother already voted.’

Brother lives in another state and has for Years. The woman will contact officials tomorrow. Contact us for details.

Who knows because when your only down by a 70 percent margin, that one vote would really make a difference…Surely a conspiracy.

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