South Dakota Donors?

How do you forward the claim that the majority of your donations are from in state donors and not have to prove it? Todd Epp over at SD Watch explains how, at least if you are Roger Hunt, the author and one of the biggest supporters of the abortion ban.

FACT: On September 14, 2006 Roger Hunt forms “Promising Future, Inc.”

According to their official filing with the Secretary of State’s Office, “Promising Future, Inc.” was founded on September 14, 2006. State Representative Roger Hunt is listed as the sole director. No telephone number is provided.

FACT: “Promising Future, Inc.” is not listed in the telephone book, and has no listing with directory assistance.

Attempts to reach “Promising Future, Inc.” via the telephone book, and via directory assistance yielded no listing for “Promising Future, Inc.”

FACT: “Promising Future, Inc.” does not have a place of business.

There is no business listing for “Promising Future, Inc” in South Dakota. The address listed on Representative Hunt’s filing is actually Roger Hunt’s law office (1320 Rushmore Dr # 108 Brandon, SD)

FACT: “Promising Future, Inc.” generates $750,000 in less than seven weeks which it donates to Vote Yes for Life

Vote Yes for Life reported three $250,000 contributions (totaling three quarters of a million dollars) from the sham “company” in their filing to the South Dakota Secretary of State. Two of those contributions were listed on the pre-general filing, and one was listed on the November 2, 2006 supplemental report. [Vote Yes for Life Campaign Filings].

Somehow these so-called in state donations never were explained when Leslie Unruh got on TV and proclaimed how the Vote Yes For Life campaign was being funded mainly by the generosity of South Dakotans. Any chance Mr. Hunt will be forthcoming on the details of how a company with no product or service can generate that much money in 6 weeks because I am sure there are quite a few business schools that would be interested in knowing his secret.

More to come on this story tonight at 10 on KSFY.

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