The 5th Time's A Charm?

Initiated Measure 7 is the fourth attempt by opponents to outlaw video lottery in South Dakota and if the latest poll conducted by the Argus Leader is accurate, opponents will need at least a 5th attempt to outlaw this major source of state revenue.

Slightly more than one-third of 800 South Dakotans polled for the Argus Leader said they’d vote to repeal video lottery, Initiated Measure 7 on next week’s ballot. More than half would not. The results were 36 percent supporting repeal, 56 percent opposing it and 8 percent undecided.

Supporters claim that the lost revenue can easily be made up but as of yet have never included such proposals in their attempts to get video lottery repealed. With such a large margin to make up in less than a week, we can only hope that lottery opponents will finally get the message. If you really want video lottery outlawed, you had better offer an alternative revenue source at the same time that South Dakotans can live with. Leaving that task up to the legislature is not something most South Dakotans are willing to contemplate.

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