The Candy Tax

Just like April 15th when adults learn about taxation and come to realize how much of their income has been taken away to pay the tax man, October 31st has it’s own tax based significance.

Halloween is the day many parents use to teach their children about paying taxes with the well known candy tax. For those that are unfamiliar with the candy tax, it is the day at least in my household, where my children learn what it means to pay taxes. After a long evening of going door to door collecting goodies they are required to empty their take on the kitchen table and pay their tax to the head of the sdmoderate household.

Unlike the IRS, I am usually quite easy to deal with as my tax only consists of any Butterfinger bars that might have been collected and since my kids don’t like them anyway it is usually quite painless for them.

So if anyone from Canistota is getting ready to hand out candy, please consider supporting the tax man by dropping a Butterfinger in the bag of the sdmoderate twins when they come to your door.

Happy Halloween!!

UPDATE: Looks like I am going to have to increase my tax rate to include Snickers bars as the tax collection on the Butterfingers was pretty slim…

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