10 Points

According to a new poll conducted by the Argus Leader, a 10 point majority would vote against passage of the abortion ban.

According to the statewide poll conducted for the Argus Leader, 52 percent of voters polled would vote to reject the ban; 42 percent would vote to keep it.

Another 6 percent were undecided.

What is really telling and what even many pro-life supporters have been saying all along is the fact that if the authors of this bill weren’t so set on trying to have it all at once by not including exceptions for rape and incest, just adding those exceptions would have all but guaranteed that the ban would have passed.

56 percent of those who said they would vote against the ban or were undecided said they would vote for the ban if it had a clear exception for rape and incest, while 32 percent said no and 12 percent were undecided.

Compromise might not have been the best option for ban supporters but their unwillingness to find a middle ground looks like it will be the reason if the ban does indeed fail as this poll suggests.

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