Back To Work

Well my week long trip to the east coast is over and it is good to be back. It will take me a few days to catch up on what has been happened here over the past 6 days but even with all the issue ads on local TV I must say it is still somewhat calm compared to the negative campaigning I witnessed in Massachusetts. It’s almost refreshing to get back to seeing Bruce Whalen harp on Stephanie Herseth’s pro-choice record as if it is the only issue South Dakotans face or to read up on whether the special session that has been called on South Dakota’s own version of “Pagegate” should be open to the public or not.

On a somewhat politically related note regarding South Dakota’s economy, If South Dakota in general and Sioux Falls in particular ever wants to become even remotely more attractive to business, something will have to be done about airfare prices for those wanting to travel in and out of the area. I was involved in training with several other individuals from as far away as San Jose California and in every case, the airfare I paid (company reimbursed, thank goodness) was at least twice as much as others paid. Any business that requires extensive air travel would turn and run away as fast as possible when confronted with those kinds of travel costs and good luck getting back to the area if your scheduled flight is canceled for some reason.

So what else has been happening while I was away?

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