Adelstein Continues To Piss Off The Big Tenters

Just a real quick drive by tonight from Boston but I found it quite interesting to read the post over at the War College regarding the “esteemed” Republican Senator Stan Adelstein’s letter sent out asking Republicans from his home district to vote for the Democrat running in District 32 ,Tom Katus.

Adelstein is going through the same withdrawls many in the South Dakota “big tent” party have been experiencing over the current one dimensional focus in the party and some of the SDWC readers are giving him a hard time about it.

Stan is currently the most visible opponent of the Republican agenda in Pierre, and the reaction to his outspoken opinions just proves how small the Republican tent actually is. It is quite obvious that the Republicans will continue their dominance in state politics through this election cycle but if things don’t change pretty soon, his voice is sure to be joined by many others.

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