Pheasant Hunting And The Land Of The Red Sox And The Kennedy's

ringneck pheasantThis weekend marks several events here in South Dakota and at this blog. At noon today thousands of visiting hunters begin their annual ritual when the out of state pheasant season opens. This annual event brings in tens of thousands of hunters into our state and generates well over $100 million in revenue. Welcome hunters and good hunting as it’s much better for you folks to bag a few birds during your hunt than it is for me to take them out with the windshield of my truck as has been the case several times in the past year.

In other news, posting here will more than likely be quite sparse beginning tomorrow through the end of next week as I am heading off to Boston for a week of training for my day job in the land of “This Old House” and the Kennedy’s. I will try to post on the goings on in South Dakota politics when possible but feel free to discuss the news of the day in our forum.

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