Give It A Rest Bruce

Bruce Whalen is out with his latest campaign ad and as usual he continues his assault on Stephanie Herseth. Of course this assault continues to be only about the fact that she is pro-choice and then he goes on to twist the comment she made about South Dakota being a red state. The fact that she never said she was sorry about being from the red state of South Dakota doesn’t seem to matter with the Whalen campaign and seems to be their second favorite topic.
Come on Bruce, Herseth has several years worth of voting records in the House, how about talking about that. Give it up! We already know she is pro-choice and wishes there were more Democrats in South Dakota. Time to put another record on the turntable as this one is pretty worn out, if that’s all you got you’ll be lucky to break the political version of the Mendoza line on November 7th.Discuss this in our forum

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