The Argus Explains Their Endorsements

And they say it has nothing to do with a political agenda…

Following a tradition that is both uniquely American and often misunderstood, the editorial board of this newspaper each election season interviews candidates for public office and, after deliberate consideration, publishes its endorsements.

For the six members of the Argus Leader’s editorial board, the process is important, enlightening and, at times, frustrating. The concept of determining which of two or three otherwise honest and sincere individuals might better serve the public interest is, at best, imperfect science.

And to bring home their “point”

Reflections of any certain political affiliation or philosophy. When we’re finished endorsing in all races this year, our ballot will be roughly half Republican and half Democrat. That’s not unusual in any election year.

The article by Randall Beck comes on the heels of their upcoming endorsements for the various legislative seats and after the have already come out endorsing Jack Billion, Stephanie Herseth, and Larry Long.

So the question should be asked, does anyone actually believe that the Argus has no political agenda? Their soon to be announced endorsements should answer that question though for some that question has long since been answered…

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