No One Is Safe From The Wrath Of The Religious Right

And that goes even more for religious leaders that don’t subscribe to the beliefs of the intolerant right.

I certainly wouldn’t send any of these jokers even to pick up some apples at the store for me. If I told them to pick the best, most ripe apples, they’d likely come back with a bunch of rotted mush, if this is the best “moral choice” they can come up with.

Becoming pregnant as a result of a rape would be a terrible thing. Encouraging the woman to kill her own child–a child that is half “her”–simply because the child was conceived in a violent act, is one of the most morally irresponsible recommendations I believe I’ve ever heard from someone who enjoys the misplaced honor of being a member of the clergy. These people will have a lot to answer for someday when they face their Creator, the Creator of those whom these “pastors” are giving hearty approval to the destruction of.

Is this fire and brimstone rant directed towards leaders from some small unknown splinter religious group? No, actually it is in response to a group of 30 leaders from 5 major denominations including the Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Presbyterian Church, the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church that believe that the totally restrictive abortion ban goes too far.

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