Billion Picks Up Argus Endorsement

In a move that will probably surprise no one given the history between South Dakota’s largest newspaper and Governor Mike Rounds, the Argus Leader is officially endorsing Jack Billion for governor.

Their take on Governor Rounds:

Gov. Mike Rounds’ engaging smile and personal warmth hide arrogance and secrecy and a lack of understanding, or lack of willingness to accept, that South Dakotans have an inherent right to open government. There’s simply a basic disregard for public accountability.

And on Jack Billion:

Billion gets it. A physician and veteran. Former state legislator. Dakota Wesleyan University board member. Deep roots. Outspoken. Open. Willing to try new things. Willing to admit he doesn’t have all the answers. Willing to admit when he’s wrong.

They closed their endorsement with a real nice dig on Rounds’ popularity, “Yes, Rounds is incredibly popular in South Dakota. His popularity, though, is based on his smile – not on his leadership or successes.

They certainly left no doubt on where they stand did they?

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