Janklow Leaves DM&E Fight, Gets A Bit Testy

Former Governor Bill Janklow’s buddy at the Argus, Dave Kranz is reporting in today’s Argus that Janklow is no longer involved in the Mayo Clinic’s fight against DM&E.
But a Mayo official told me Tuesday that the official relationship between Janklow and the clinic is over.
Janklow, like former Senator Tom Daschle, has been catching a lot of heat from many in South Dakota for working with the Mayo Clinic in their fight against the railroad expansion project but actually left the fight 3 months ago with no fanfare.
Even though Janklow’s departure took place three months ago, his exit in that official role seemed to be a well-kept secret.
No one from the Mayo Clinic is saying why he left and Janklow seems to be avoiding the media like the plague lately first telling KELO TV that “I don’t talk to the news” and more recently responding to inquiries by Kranz for this story by saying “I don’t talk to you. I don’t know how much clearer I can make it.
Governor Bill seems quite testy with the media lately, if he is so set on avoiding media attention, maybe he should stop doing things that the media feels the need to cover…

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