Hypocrisy Thy Name Is

I have refrained from making too much of the Mark Foley scandal that seems to be all the rage lately because there is just too much speculation and too little in the way of actual facts to say much more than Foley is one sick individual. One thing that is being reported thought caught my eye, from KOS via Hullabaloo

Tony Perkins of Dobson’s Family Research Counsel was on CNN earlier and I think we are hearing the contours of the Christian Right’s argument. They are going with Newt Gingrich’s formulation: Poor Denny was afraid of being called a gay basher so he didn’t say anything.

The idea that anyone from the Christian right would refrain from coming out with the Foley emails and IM’s was because they were afraid of being called gay bashers is so full of hypocrisy that it would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous. The party that loves to legislate against gays at every turn with such bills as the Gay Marriage Amendment was worried about being thought of as anti-gay? I’m sorry guys, I think that ship has long since sailed.

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