Healy Picks Up National Endorsement

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Campaign for a National Majority Endorses Bryce Healy for Commissioner for School and Public Lands in the State of South Dakota

PIERRE (Sept. 28, 2006) – As the highly contentious battle for control of Congress reaches its peak in the coming weeks, the futures of both parties are being decided to much less fanfare in smaller statewide executive races across the nation. In South Dakota, the race for Commissioner for School and Public Lands could very well produce the Democratic candidate for the 2010 gubernatorial election. Bryce Healy, the incumbent and a broadly popular Democrat in a very “red” state, is seeking a second term managing the School Trust Fund that he grew over 11 percent during his first term and its 800,000+ acres of public land. On Monday, Campaign for a National Majority officially endorsed Mr. Healy in the 2006 South Dakota Commissioner for School and Public Lands race.

“Bryce Healy is exactly the kind of competent, honest candidate we want to support,” said John Sheehan, Director of Research for Campaign for a National Majority, a pragmatic political action committee that supports Democratic candidates for state executive and mayoral offices across the country. “With a strong record of success in his position, he has earned the respect and support of people on both sides of the aisle. His future looks very bright and we are thrilled to be supporting him,” continued Sheehan. The organization began their research looking at over 400 candidates in 170 races, contacting over 100 journalists, state Democratic officials and academics and spending nearly 1,200 hours in the process before selecting their 2006 endorsements.

“I’m proud to be endorsed by an organization that carefully examines the entire universe of races taking place across the country,” said Bryce Healy. “CNM cares not only about the direction of the Democratic Party, but they also recognize what’s best for individual states as well,” continued Healy. “With so many organizations taking a monolithic approach to Democratic politics, CNM stands out as a group that recognizes that the Democratic Party has both national values and local aims.”

While South Dakota has been a Republican stronghold for some time now, there is general dissatisfaction with the government over specific issues such as the method for allocating school funding and the lack of health coverage in the state. Bryce Healy’s management of the School Trust Fund and the lands in it, as well as his moderate positions on social issues, have made him widely popular in the state. For those reasons, in addition to his bi-partisan appeal, Healy is often mentioned in the same breath as Stephanie Herseth and Tim Johnson, two other successful and popular South Dakota Democrats, as a potential candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor in 2010. With the collective clout and potential in that group, South Dakota would be well-positioned for its first Democratic Governor in over 30 years should Governor Mike Rounds be re-elected in 2006.

About Campaign for a National Majority
Campaign for a National Majority is a pragmatic political action committee that supports Democratic candidates for state executive and mayoral offices across the country. Our candidates are viable in tough races, and show promise as contenders for progressively higher offices. Our goal is to build a “farm team” of Democrats who can win statewide and national elections. It is no secret that governors consistently make the best presidential candidates. Their experience as State Executives prepares them for higher leadership and encourages them to articulate innovative policies and messages. The best governors are typically elected from other State Executive offices, like lieutenant governor or attorney general. CNM is focused on achieving clear results by winning races for Democrats, starting with state elections. To learn more about CNM, you can visit us at: www.nationalmajority.org/.

Looks like some in the Democratic Party are already planning for 2010. Good luck Bryce in your run against Jarrod Johnson and as Jack Billion is discovering, it is never too early to start getting some name recognition when it comes to running for office in our predominantly “red state” as a Democrat.

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