Wisconsin Group Talks About Boycott

Annie Laurie Gaylor of the Women’s Medical Fund is still claiming that their boycott of South Dakota tourism has had an effect and says she doesn’t trust anything coming from the tourism industry.

“I have no hard statistics for you on our boycott, but I know people are boycotting South Dakota,” Gaylor told The Associated Press. “They may be putting on a rosy front, but there has to have been damage.”

The group called for the boycott soon after Governor Rounds signed HB1215 that would ban all abortion in South Dakota and statistics for July and August do show a downturn in tourism with a 6 percent drop in July and 8 percent drop in August.

Being the cynic that I am I seriously doubt that this small fringe group’s efforts had much effect on the tourism drop reported the last few months as most of these boycott calls rarely work and I would think $3 dollar a gallon gas is a much more plausible explanation.

Sounds more like a case of wishful thinking on Gaylor’s part…

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