President Bush's Inner Child

Remember when you were a child how you would hold your breath and threaten that you would continue to hold it unless you got your way? Pretty childish wasn’t it? Well that’s the tactic George Bush is using in an attempt to get wide ranging interrogation authority from Congress.

President Bush warned defiant Republican senators yesterday that he will close down a CIA interrogation program that he credited with thwarting terrorist attacks if they pass a proposal regulating detention of enemy combatants, escalating a politically charged battle that has exposed divisions within his party.

In other words if our Congress doesn’t give the CIA carte blanche to torture suspected terror suspects, they just won’t interrogate them at all.

– Never mind the fact that it is against Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention but as many Conservatives like to say, our enemies don’t follow it anyway.

– Never mind the fact that information gathered by the use of torture is usually extremely accurate because we all know people won’t just say anything you want to hear to make the torture stop.

– Never mind the fact that America’s most well known former prisoner of war, John McCain is against allowing this as is one of our most popular former Generals in Colin Powell, but why should Bush care, as we all know his military service record is so long and distinguished.

– Never mind the fact that we as American’s have always prided ourselves on taking the moral high ground when it comes to human rights but what the heck these are just mean ole terrorist “suspects” anyways.

But mommy, Johnny’s parents let him do that so why can’t I?

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