You Gotta Love The Hypocrisy

Regular readers here probably know my feelings on Congress’s penchant for adding amendments to bills that have nothing to do with the main legislation itself. The latest example occurred yesterday when Democrats tried to add much needed drought relief and wildfire recovery funds to the Senate port security bill.

Living in South Dakota I would be the first to state how much this funding is needed in our area and I am fine with these amendments being written into a separate bill that addresses these needs but what I found totally ridiculous was the Republican reasoning behind blocking the amendments.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said she is sympathetic to the concerns of Burns and Nelson but could not allow the amendment to move forward.

”Unfortunately this does not belong on the port security bill,” she said.

Geez, wasn’t it just last month that the Republicans added a nice tax cut for the richest Americans to the minimum wage bill? So I guess it’s only ok when the GOP adds non-related amendments to bills…

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