Bush Insurance

One economic boom that has been realized due to George Bush’s policies on the war on terror involve the insurance industry and no it doesn’t involve natural disaster responses by FEMA. Legal insurance is the new must have policy for CIA counterterrorism officers that are tasked with carrying out some of Bush’s terror fighting policies.
The recent revelation by the Bush Administration of 14 terror suspects being held secretly at several “black sites” around the world and the interrogation tactics used on these individuals have caused CIA agents involved in this secret program to take out the insurance which would pay any civil judgments levied against them as well as any legal fees resulting from defending against these suits.

The new enrollments reflect heightened anxiety at the CIA that officers may be vulnerable to accusations they were involved in abuse, torture, human rights violations and other misconduct, including wrongdoing related to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. They worry that they will not have Justice Department representation in court or congressional inquiries, the officials said.

At least the premiums for these policies are government-reimbursed, though it is too bad that they need to have this type of insurance in the first place.

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