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If Shuler Tried to Pass a Bill, Would It Be Intercepted?

That is a sample of what you will find at a site whose one and only purpose is to campaign against the Democratic challenger for the House seat in Western North Carolina, former NFL quarterback Heath Shuler.

Is this coming from some Republican from the area trying to save a House seat for his party? Actually it is run by a San Diego Democrat that doesn’t like Shuler not because of his platform or party affiliation but because in his mind (and many others by the way) he was a terrible quarterback that ruined his favorite NFL team the Washington Redskins.

“From an objective, quantitative viewpoint, Shuler was a terrible NFL quarterback,” Woodmansee writes on his blog. “He completely failed at the one thing he was trained to do out of college, and yet was paid millions of dollars. The last thing we need in Washington is someone who gets paid a lot of money to do a lousy job.”

In the end, whether Democrats or Republicans control the House doesn’t matter, he said. “The really important thing is football. A Redskins Super Bowl vs. a Democratic Congress? That’s not really that hard of a choice.”

Maybe the new definition of an Independent?

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