DM&E Janklow And Daschle

Our newest South Dakota Blog SoDa Plains Politics has posted an editorial from the Huron Daily Plainsman on the DM&E project including the economic impact it would have on the states involved but what I took out of the article is the focus on Tom Daschle and Bill Janklow’s involvement with the Mayo Clinic and the editor’s comments on that relationship.

Besides arrogance, a closer look at the opponents reveals two more reasons why they are against the project – political and personal.
Former South Dakota Democratic Sen. Tom Daschle told The Associate Press in 2003: “This (DM&E) project would provide important benefits to many South Dakota communities and industries.”

In 2001, former South Dakota congressman and Gov. Bill Janklow told the Plainsman: “I think no matter how you look at it (DM&E project), it is a good deal. The spin-off to South Dakota from the DM&E project is huge.”
The key word motioned above is “former,” because now, neither Daschle nor Janklow have any interest in what’s best for South Dakota.
In April, Janklow said, “I feel the (DM&E) project is immoral.” In May, Daschle told The AP he is backing efforts to stop the DM&E project.

Keep in mind, Daschle is a current member of the Mayo Clinic’s board of directors and lost a heavily publicized Senate race to pro-DM&E Thune in 2004. And with his thoughts of running for president, it appears Daschle isn’t thinking about South Dakota anymore.

As for Janklow, he quickly became the subject of ridicule after serving what many felt was too light of a sentence – 100 days in jail for driving and killing a motorcyclist – and then getting back his law license. It seemed many South Dakotans turned against him.

Simply, the anti-DM&E campaign is being fueled by egos, politics and personal grudges.

It appears that the talking points that Daschle used during his failed campaign just 2 years ago about how he was in the best position to fight for South Dakota was just that, talk.

On a side note did anyone catch Bill Janklow’s response to KELO-TV last night when they tried to talk to him about the story they were doing regarding the Rounds death penalty controversy? They tried to get a comment from him on how the DOC’s 3 drug procedure was drafted and put into place while he was still governor back in 2001.

His response, “I don’t talk to the news.”

How the mighty have fallen…

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