9/11 Fictional Non-Fiction On ABC This Weekend

A docudrama that is supposedly based solely on the 9/11 commission report is scheduled to be aired on ABC this weekend and the producers have been more than happy to provide advanced copies to right-wing pundits and bloggers and have even sent out letters to schools urging teachers to tell kids to watch this story.

Liberal’s on the other hand have been snubbed when requesting the same advanced copies including members of former President Clinton’s staff many of whom are being blamed in the docudrama for the 9/11 attacks.

Keep up with the growing controversy on this work of fiction over at Think Progress. Darn that liberal media…

UPDATE 9/7: The WaPo has more on the Clinton reaction and Glenn Greenwald compares this “docudrama” and the response to the far right’s outrage over the 2003 CBS documentary on Ronald Reagan which eventually led CBS to move it to Showtime.

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