Let's Waste Some More Time

I am sure those of you that are regular readers here know that Don “Corleone” Rumsfeld isn’t one of my favorite figures in King George’s court but a plan by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee revealed in Time Magazine smells like more time wasting rhetoric to me.

Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, tells TIME that his party will strike back by trying to force a vote of no-confidence in Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in the next few weeks. “They want to play games; we’ll meet them on a very real thing. We’re going to deal with Don Rumsfeld’s stewardship. Everybody but one person comes to the conclusion that it has been a total disaster, and that’s Mr. Decider himself” — a sarcastic allusion to the President.

Rumsfeld is a perfect example of what’s wrong with the current administration but what exactly are the Democrats going to accomplish by this purely symbolic measure? Will it change the minds of the Bush kool-aid drinkers? Will it push King George into relieving Rummy from his post? Of course the answer to these questions is no so how about you guys just get on with the business of working on the issues that really matter like say immigration reform and our security. But I guess when it comes to election year politics that is asking a bit too much.

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