Healy's "Bookkeeping Error"

Former SDDP executive director Bret Healy has filed 2 amended campaign finance reports in regards to the two contributions from a wealthy Minnesota activist.

The checks totaled $55,000, and were not included on the finance reports of the two PACs.Secretary of State Chris Nelson reviewed the matter after Quam’s contributions became public in July in Minnesota. Copies of Quam’s checks were among documents faxed anonymously to Minnesota reporters after an uproar ensued about Matt Entenza, Quam’s husband and the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidate for Minnesota attorney general.

Entenza, the minority leader in the Minnesota House, withdrew from the attorney general’s race in July after admitting to hiring a firm to research the DFL’s candidate for governor.

Nelson determined that Quam’s contributions weren’t on the PAC reports and forwarded that information to Attorney General Larry Long.

Healy said last week that Quam’s checks were deposited in the account of a third PAC rather than the two she wrote them to.

“I was responsible for all three committees at that time,” he said.

The third PAC – the South Dakota Democratic State House Fund – did attribute $45,000 in contributions to Quam in its 2003 filing.

The amended report for the Wanalain Political Committee now shows a $30,000 contribution from Quam, as well as a $5,000 contribution from another PAC, the Capitol Committee. The original filing from 2003 for the Wanalain PAC showed no contributions.

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