Leadership Award?

Senator George “Macaca” Allen can’t seem to get his name out of the news lately but in most cases for those seeking re-election that would be a good thing. Unfortunately for Allen though, it isn’t the kind of press that does much to help his chances. This time unlike his infamous “Macaca” comments and the pictures with him and white supremacist groups, Allen wasn’t directly responsible for the bad press.

For some reason the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund chose to award Allen their Community Leadership award which he properly decided to decline but only after an outpouring of criticism from donors to the foundation.

“The foundation told the senator that they’ve been catching a lot of static from members and some of their donors, and before it spins into a week of controversy, we just decided to decline it,” Allen spokesman John Reid said.

Now the question that really should be asked is why, with Allen’s history, was a foundation named after a prominent civil rights attorney and the first African American Supreme Court Justice be awarding this honor to him in the first place? What was Gordon Lee Baum, the Council of Conservative Citizens organizer and individual that Allen was pictured with not available?

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