The Aftermath Of The Qana Attacks

Israel’s defense for their attack in Qana that killed over 60 civilians was that rockets had been fired from that position earlier that day. New information coming out from the investigation by Israel’s own Defense Forces has now contradicted their earlier argument.

The site was included in an IAF plan to strike at several buildings in proximity to a previous launching site. Similar strikes were carried out in the past. However, there were no rocket launches from Qana on the day of the strike.

On a similar subject the usual suspects in the right-wing blogosphere are now trying to float a different version of the bombing of Qana in an attempt to contradict the official media version because as they like to tell us, they are nothing but a liberal puppet intent on bringing down the right. Read more about the “liberal conspiracy” here.

UPDATE: Instapundit spanks the conspiracy theorists as well.

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Swift Boating Part Deux

The Swift Boat crew is back, this time with a different name and a different target.

The new group, “Veterans for Truth” is now going after outspoken Iraqi War critic John Murtha starting at a planned ralley in Murtha’s backyard in Johnstown, PA in October.

Murtha, a retired Marine Reserve colonel, in 1974 became the first Vietnam veteran elected to Congress. He’s been known for his strong support of the military and on defense issues, working quietly behind the scenes with Republicans and Democrats alike.

But that changed late last year when – with mounting American casualties – he went public and called on the Bush administration to withdraw troops from Iraq and redeploy them nearby. His comments brought an eruption of emotions, both pro and con.

Bailey, in an interview from North Carolina, said he and other vets who were active in the 2004 Swift Boat campaign didn’t get interested in Murtha’s race until he went public about a Pentagon war crimes investigation.

In May, Murtha said the investigation would show that Marines had killed more than a dozen innocent civilians “in cold blood” Nov. 19 in the town of Haditha.

Bailey said those remarks were highly prejudicial “without any due process.”

Just when you thought it was again safe to be a Democratic veteran with an opinion…

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Media Bias Sibby Style

Steve Sibson, our local South Dakota far right (and I mean as about as far right as it gets) conservative blogger wrote a “piece” today on what he calls media bias in regards to a poll conducted on the referendum to overturn South Dakota’s abortion ban.

At the top of today’s front-page of the Argus Leader is the headline “Most oppose abortion ban” and a sub-headline, “But survey shows more would support it with rape exceptions”. I could not find the report on the Argus Leader web site.

First most according to the Argus Leader is only 47%. The headline is an outright lie designed to mislead. The sub-headline is an example of who the poll and the report is used by the drive-by media to promote the far-left’s position that the lack of rape and incest exceptions means we should continue to allow abortion by demand.

Sibby contends that for some reason 47 percent somehow doesn’t correspond to “most” and is a purposefully misleading headline. Now last time I checked, most means more than other choices and in this case the choices were 47 percent wanting the ban overturned versus 39 percent that want it upheld. Sound like most to me.

Now for those unfamiliar with the South Dakota media, the Sioux Falls Argus leader has the reputation, sometimes deservedly so, for being somewhat sloppy in it’s reporting to the point that some consider it biased. Sibby uses this reputation to back up his point but he conveniently left out one major part of this story, the part concerning the fact that it was co-sponsored by KELO TV (the link to the poll he said he couldn’t find in the Argus article), by far the largest TV station in the state and as far as I know, a very well respected news outlet.

Admittedly the poll in question was conducted very early in the election cycle with 3 month’s to go before the voters actually decide the issue which means there is still a lot
of time and campaigning to come from both sides so of course these results could change by November. This is just another example of the penchant of many [sibby] to automatically bring out the “bias” card in regards to the media when they report something that doesn’t reflect your beliefs is a common tactic for those on the extremes.

In this case though maybe it would have been more believable if the so called “lie” you are calling out was actually backed up by real facts as at least when I was going to school, 47 was more than 39, maybe it is that new conservative math..

UPDATE: The same Argus Leader/KELO TV polling just released today shows Republican Governor Mike Rounds ahead of Democratic challenger Jack Billion 56 percent to 27 percent. More of that that liberal media bias?

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Democrats Getting The Message

A major complaint regarding the Democratic leadership has been that they haven’t really come out and taken a stand on issues. At least on one issue that could be changing as democrats in Washington have finally decided to take a united stand on the occupation in Iraq.

12 top democrats including Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha and Harry Reid have united to call on President Bush to pull out the majority of our troops by the end of the year.

“This offers a pretty clear contrast” for the next few months, the strategist said, and Reid and others plan a series of events to drive home the point. Polling data and focus groups suggest that Democratic candidates can embrace the letter’s message without falling victim to familiar Republican claims of being soft on national security, the strategist said, because setbacks in Iraq have eroded the GOP’s traditional advantage on that issue.

So now at least on this one issue voters will have something to choose between, “stay the course” as the Republicans are calling for or let the Iraqi’s take over their own country.

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2 for 2

The results from my very unscientific July poll on the race for Governor are in and the winner for the second straight month is Jack Billion. Billion received 72 percent of the vote compared to 19 percent for Governor Rounds, 6 percent for Tom Gerber and 2 percent for Steven Willis.
Billion gained 2 percent over the June results while Rounds fell 11 percent which partly could be attributed to the addition of the other 2 candidates that were added last month. Of course the demographics of my readers and the very small sample make this poll more for fun than anything else but please feel free to vote in our new poll for August and show your support for the candidate of your choice.
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Abortion Ban Poll Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about KELO’s scientific poll regarding the Abortion Ban referendum that showed that 47 percent of those surveyed would vote to overturn the ban if the election was to be held now. I also wondered out loud what the results would have been if our legislature had written in exceptions for rape and incest.

I had a feeling that the results would have been decidedly different and last night KELO released the results of their poll on whether South Dakotans would approve of the ban if those exceptions existed.

Fifty-nine percent of voters in our poll say they would vote yes on a bill if it allowed for abortion in cases of rape or incest, while 29 percent would vote no and 12 percent are undecided.

Again it becomes obvious that the zealots all or nothing attitude is more than most can handle. Maybe someday radicals on both sides will realize that there is something called compromise, but then again maybe not…

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