The Clock Is Ticking For Governor Rounds

Late last evening the warden from the South Dakota State Penitentiary announced that Elijah Page’s execution will happen at 10 pm on Tuesday evening. Page, whom has fired his lawyer and dropped any attempts at appealing his execution, now has his fate resting squarely in the hands of Governor Rounds.

“At this point, I don’t have any plans to intervene,” Gov. Mike Rounds said in an interview that ran in the Argus Leader on Aug. 20.

If Page does indeed get put to death it will be the first execution in our state since 1947 when convicted cop killer George Sitts met “old sparky” and because of that long drought between executions officers from our State Penitentiary had to make a trip to Texas, where they have the business of execution down to a science, to make sure they were properly prepared.

I am sure this is the last thing Gov. Rounds wanted on his plate right before the elections. He is already dealing with questions regarding his signing of the abortion ban which is making national news and now with his refusal to step in to stop the Page execution, some of the same people that were praising his abortion stance are now criticising his refusal to stop the execution.

Looks to me to be an interesting talking point for Jack Billion the next time the two get together for a debate. I have already read what many pro-life bloggers believe is the difference between abortion and execution but I would love to hear what Governor Rounds has to say about this.

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