Judge Gors Back At It

In his third ruling in a little over a week, Judge Max Gors has instructed Attorney General Larry Long to change his ballot explanation. This time Judge Gors has instructed Long to add context to his video lottery explanation to provide perspective to the $112 million in lost revenues.

Gors ruled that the explanation is truthful but voters should be told what the lost revenue is in relation to the total revenue received by the state.

Gors said there’s no question that statement is true. But he told Atty. Gen. Larry Long, who authored the ballot explanation, to add a phrase that points out the amount is 11 percent of the state’s general-fund, or tax, revenue.“Then the voter will know the magnitude of the limitation being imposed on state government finances,’’ Gors wrote.

This is the second time that Judge Gors has instructed Long to change a ballot explanation, the other being his ruling that the medical marijuana text be changed while he ruled in favor of Long on the Amendment E lawsuit.

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