Hindsight As Policy

20/20 hindsight should be the slogan of King George and his minions as it seems that every time something happens in this country he comes out and says that we will learn from this ____________ (insert problem here).

The latest “lesson learned” coming from the Bush Administration deals with the absolutely inept governmental response to Hurricane Katrina.

“Last year I made a simple pledge: The federal government would learn the lessons of Katrina, we would do what it takes, and we would stay as long as it takes, to help our brothers and sisters build a new Gulf Coast where every citizen feels part of the great promise of America,” Bush said Saturday in his weekly radio address.

Why does it always take a catastrophe to figure out just how unprepared this administration is? What ever happened to proper planning, it wasn’t like the idea of a major storm hitting the gulf coast was a new one to anybody…

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